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About us

About us

Broadband Compare is New Zealand’s most comprehensive broadband comparison website. Whether you are looking for the cheapest broadband, the fastest broadband or the best broadband customer service you can compare internet providers in NZ with Broadband Compare to find the best internet provider and broadband plan for your needs.

The Broadband Compare database of NZ internet providers and NZ broadband plans is the most comprehensive in the country. We currently compare 2568 different broadband packages from 130 different New Zealand broadband providers. From fibre broadband providers to rural broadband providers, ADSL broadband to VDSL broadband, here at Broadband Compare we compare all the internet providers and all the internet plans to ensure that you can find the best internet provider for you.

Our broadband comparison tool is easy to use and totally customisable, so you can tailor your search to include the most important features for your broadband plan. You may be after a no contract broadband plan, unlimited data or the fastest broadband, whatever you need, you can filter the available broadband plans at your address to find the perfect internet plan for your requirements. We compare hundreds of broadband deals available in your area from the big boys like Spark Broadband and Vodafone Broadband to the new breed of specialist fibre broadband providers like MyRepublic Broadband and Stuff Fibre. Just pop in your address, and in a matter of seconds you'll be able to compare broadband providers and internet plans at your address as well as view our range of special offers.

If there's anything you want to know that isn't covered on the Broadband Compare website, drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter, or contact us another way, and we'll get right back to you.

Broadband Compare is a trading name of Global Compare Group Limited, an independently owned business based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Who do we list

Broadband Compare manages the most comprehensive database of broadband plans and internet providers in New Zealand. We currently compare 2568 different broadband internet plans from 130 different New Zealand broadband providers. We list broadband providers for all connection types. Fibre broadband, VDSL, ADSL and rural broadband providers. You can find a complete list of all NZ internet providers listed on Broadband Compare below. This list showcases everyone from the major retail service providers like Spark and Vodafone to other established, but smaller, New Zealand ISP’s like 2degrees, Compass Communications, Slingshot, Flip and Orcon to the latest fibre broadband specialists like MyRepublic Broadband and Stuff Fibre. In addition, we list all of the regional ISP’s within New Zealand. If you think we are missing an internet provider do please get in touch and let us know.

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How do we list broadband deals?

Here at Broadband Compare we compare broadband providers across New Zealand to ensure that you can find the best internet provider NZ has available for your needs. You might be looking for the cheapest broadband, the fastest broadband or the best value broadband. Our broadband comparison website will help you find it.

Since Broadband Compare officially launched in June 2016, at an event attended by senior industry figures including the Rt Hon. Amy Adams, Minister for Communications, we have grown and expanded with tens of thousands of New Zealanders using the site every month to compare broadband plans, save money and increase their knowledge around broadband connectivity.

The default listing of broadband plans on our results page is according the Broadband Compare rating, but it is also possible to order results by the first month’s cost. As with any major commitment, it is worth checking terms like contract length and any promotional periods, which we clearly state on any special offers we list. We don't manipulate the results in any way whatsoever, but we do have some sponsored listings, such as the featured providers, featured deals and user picks but these don't influence the results our comparison tool will show you based on your requirements.

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