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Check your broadband speed

Check my broadband Speed

If you are looking to check your broadband speed in NZ then click here or on the image below to be directed to our recommended broadband speed tester.


This broadband speed tester will measure the upload and download speeds of your internet connection in a couple of clicks.

For the best and most accurate broadband speed check results, close all the applications and windows on your main device, and, if you have a wireless router, make sure you are connected to it by a WIRED connection, i.e. via an ethernet cable into the router.  This will provide an accurate result of the internet speed coming into your home.

If you are unsatisfied with your connection speed, and your WiFi network performs worse than the broadband connection speed you pay for, consider booking a Techspert from NOW. Their skilled technicians will assess your network and help sort any broadband issues you may have. Click to find out more.

Or perhaps you might just need to switch to a faster broadband plan.

Happy speed testing.

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