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Best No Contract Broadband Deals in New Zealand

Compare internet deals with no fixed term contract

No Contract Broadband Plans

Best No Contract Broadband Deals in New Zealand

Looking for temporary broadband for a rental flat or a holiday home, or just don’t want to be tied down to a long-term contract? Then a no-contract option might be the best choice for your needs.

A no-contract broadband plan is usually a deal based on a one-month rolling contract. The difference between an open term and a regular contract is that an open-term contract gives you the freedom to switch or cancel the service whenever you want without a breakup fee. All you need to do is to inform your provider that you decided to leave – most providers require 30 days’ notice.

Broadband Compare offer you a convenient comparison tool to help you find the best no-contract offer available at your place.

Can I Get a No Contract Plan?

Sure, you can! No matter what type of connection you have at your place – Fibre, VDSL, ADSL, rural wireless or satellite broadband – you may find a no-contract deal from a major or local NZ provider. Check out the latest deals from the award-winning providers Stuff Fibre and Contact Energy.

Will I save money with no contract?

 The monthly cost for broadband with no fixed-term contract is usually slightly higher than one on a long-term agreement. Also, when choosing an open term contract, you usually have to pay set-up costs, which are usually cheaper or even free on a standard fixed-term contract.

The reason is that you need some basic stuff even for a short-term broadband usage – a Wi-Fi router and broadband activation, a landline, an installation performed by an engineer, travel costs, if you live in the rural area. These expenses are usually partly or entirely covered by the provider when you sign up for a 12 month or 24-month contract. With an open term contract, you have to pay these costs.

Other than that, you will get the same quality broadband no matter what type of the contract you are choosing. No-contract broadband service is hassle-free, flexible and with no-frills. If that sounds important to you, considering a no-contract option would be a smart thing to do. Find the cheapest no-contract broadband deals in NZ through Broadband Compare.

No Contract Deals with Broadband Compare

Most NZ internet providers offer no-contract plans alongside regular contract deals. Here at Broadband Compare you can choose the best open-term deal from the top NZ broadband providers like Stuff Fibre, Contact Energy, MyRepublic, NOW, Skinny Broadband, Voyager, Bigpipe, Flip, Wireless Nation, Compass and 2degrees Broadband. Just type your address, press the “Open term” button in the top bar and choose the deal that suits you best.

A no-contract plan works pretty well if you are going to live in a place for less than a year, e.g. in short-term accommodation or a holiday home. Here are some pros of being on an open-term broadband contract.

  • There are no exit fees. You are free to cancel your service without a penalty at any time by giving notice to your ISP.
  • Open term gives you flexibility – switch the service whenever it suits you, either for a better and cheaper deal or change in circumstances.
  • A no-contract option could also be a good way to test out the service before signing up for a long-term deal.
  • You may bring your own router rather than buy one from the provider if your contract allows you to do so.
  • Some NZ broadband providers may offer a free router and/or free installation even with a no-contract plan.

If that is what you were looking for, compare the best no-contract deals on the Broadband Compare website to see how much you could save!

You are highly likely to save money with a long-term contract plan if you know you’ll be at the same address for the term of the contract. Open-term plans have a list of the most common disadvantages in comparison to a regular contract:

  • Usually, you have to pay an installation cost, which can be expensive, especially if you’ve never had broadband service at your place before.
  • The monthly price of an open-term plan is usually higher than a fixed-term contract.
  • Most NZ providers will charge you for the router (but, in most cases, you may continue using it when you switch the service).  
  • No-contract plans are usually very basic with no-frills. You’re not likely to get add-ons and freebies as those offered with long term deals.

Having doubts that no contract will work for you? Here at Broadband Compare, we have some exclusive long-term broadband deals from the top NZ internet providers, such as Slingshot, Orcon, Stuff Fibre, Contact Energy, 2degrees Broadband, Nova Energy, MyRepublic, Vodafone, Spark Broadband, Trustpower and many others. Get the cheapest internet deals in NZ through Broadband Compare. Use our comparison tool to find out what exclusive deals are available at your address.

There are many no-contract broadband options available on the Broadband Compare website, including bundle deals.

Contact Energy offers some great bundle plans on a no-contract basis. The bundle includes broadband, power and/or gas services. Contact Energy deals often include some extras, like free installation or a free router. Check out Contact Energy latest offers.

NZ Fibre broadband providers, such as Stuff Fibre and MyRepublic offer no-contract Fibre plans at a reasonable cost, sometimes with a free modem rental. Find out more about Stuff Fibre latest offers and check what’s new from MyRepublic Broadband.

Some providers, like 2degrees Broadband, offer a monthly discount when you sign up for both 2degrees broadband and mobile plans – even on an open-term contract.

Skinny Broadband, Voyager, Bigpipe and Flip have pretty cheap no-frills deals nationwide on an open term.

NOW with it’s award-winning customer service often offer special deals for no-contract broadband plans. Check out if there are any special NOW Broadband deals available today.

Compass offers no-contract Prepaid Broadband on a daily payment basis. Learn more about Compass Prepaid Broadband.

Feel free to compare no-contract broadband with Broadband Compare. Our list of deals gives you all the key information you need, as well as a quick link to sign up online straight away to the chosen provider. You will see the deals side by side, making it easy to compare prices and features and get a clear sense of what's the best offer for your needs.

So, how to choose the right no-contract broadband plan? There are various factors to consider before making your choice, and it is not only the price. We have written some useful tips to help you find the cheapest no-contract broadband deal.

  • Speed: Your maximum broadband speed depends on the type of connection. We definitely recommend Fibre broadband if this service is available at your address. Fibre is the most stable and fastest connection type, and you may choose your Fibre speed (e.g. 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps or Gigabit speed) depending on your needs. Read our broadband speed guide to learn more.
  • Availability: Most connection types aren’t available everywhere across New Zealand. If you live in a big city, you will highly likely have access to Fibre, VDSL or ADSL services. There is also a range of wireless plans for those who live in a rural area. Use our address checker to find out, what connection types are available at your address.
  • Cost: The price of your broadband package is probably the major factor in choosing the deal. You should also take into account all extra costs, like setup fee, equipment price, landline and other add-ons costs. Comparing plans and options on the Broadband Compare website before signing up a contract would be a smart thing to do.
  • Data limit: Most NZ providers offer unlimited home broadband, so you don’t have to worry about a data cap. However, if you are not a heavy user and mostly use your broadband for emailing and occasional browsing, a capped broadband plan might be a better option for you, since it is slightly cheaper than an unlimited one.
  • Customer support: No one is safe from the connection failure, so great customer support is an essential part of a great broadband deal. Read customers reviews to find out how good your future provider is at resolving problems.
  • Freebies: That’s right, you can still get some extras with no contract! It might be a special promotion, a free modem and/or installation or a bundle discount. There are some exclusive deals for Broadband Compare customers. Just type your address and see what special offers are available for you.
  • Providers’ reviews: Is their connection fast and stable? How good is the customer support? Was the setup process prompt and smooth? Read NZ broadband providers’ reviews on our website to find out more about other customers’ experiences or share your thoughts about your current internet supplier.
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