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Two Degrees Mobile Limited (as we are officially known) is New Zealand's newest full service telecommunications provider. 

Back in the 90s a visionary group of Maori challenged the crown through the Treaty of Waitangi and won the rights to 3G spectrum. Despite financial and regulatory adversity a Maori Trust (Hautaki) was established with the challenge of launching New Zealand’s third mobile network. 

Tex Edwards founded 2degrees in February 2001 and provided initial capital.  Later that year investments were made by Strive Masiyiwa’s Econet Wireless group and shortly afterwards the pan-Maori trust Hautaki.

After successfully advocating for critical regulatory realignment the company was fully capitalised in 2007 and construction of its mobile network began.

We commercially launched in 2009, significantly lowering the cost of mobile for Kiwis.

Tex Edwards sold his interests in 2degrees in 2016 after some 15 years of support for the company including as a senior executive, director and founding shareholder.

Since our launch we’ve been busy. We have the backing of a unique partnership of international and Kiwi investors that have enabled us to build a brand new mobile network, helping us to cover 98.5% of the places Kiwis live and work. In March 2015 we also acquired NZ's fourth largest ISP, and now offer broadband services as well as mobile to Kiwis across the country.

We've put in place a great team, led by our CEO Stewart Sherriff and an internationally experienced management team which has a wealth of experience in building and delivering excellent mobile telecommunication networks and services.

We all really believe in what we are trying to accomplish for our customers and New Zealand. We’ve even been lucky enough to be recognised for it along the way, with a number of awards for our customer service over the years.

And this is just the beginning...

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Total: 5.8
Reliability 5.6
Speed 5.7
Support 4.8
Features 5.4
Value 5.1
Average from 177 reviews
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2024-07-15 16:06:06
Alicia Warren 2.8
Internet constantly drops out. Very frustrating.
Internet constantly drops out. Very frustrating.
2024-05-08 12:57:27
shane 5.4
Speed was great mostly, but had a pile of weird issues. Support were lovely and the front line support people are awesome. But in the end you just get the run around
It was pretty cheap
Support and comms abysmal
2024-04-24 21:37:50
Tere Ngarua 4.4
Suddenly received an overdue bill and a threat to disconnect my service if not settled when I had already paid my bill (I have bank statements to prove it) and my next one wasn't due for another week.

Emailed and pm'd their Facebook page to sort it out or I'm taking my money else where.
Totally unorganized.
2024-04-01 17:49:40
KP 6.4
I'm coming up on the end of a 12 month contract as a 2degrees broadband customer, we were formerly with Spark for a couple of years but moved as the price was just too much compared to competitors - which is what hooked us into 2degrees. We're a family of 2 adults and 3 kids, we're just outside of Wellington city, and may have as many as 5 devices streaming video at a time. The speed has been below par, speedtest puts us well under the quoted 950/500 we signed up for (usually sits around 300/300 with a wired ethernet cable direct to the router). It's been fast enough for our use for the most part, but we do feel the slowdown/loss of quality in connection when multiple devices are streaming. The reliability also is a bit up and down, at least once or twice a week the internet will randomly drop for minutes and then come back up. It's not been bad enough to jump through the support hoops, but it is a regular source of mild frustration (especially from the kids). The price for us was the main draw to 2degrees - we're also mobile customers of theirs, so we got a further discount, and Amazon Prime Video free for 6 months - and on this it really has saved us heaps of money, but in our experience it has lived up to the saying that you get what you pay for. We left Spark because they were scandalously expensive - about double what we pay 2degrees at the moment per month for what should be the same service - but I have to admit I do miss the steady speed and reliability they offered. We will be looking elsewhere when our 12 month contract is up. more
Low price, and it is good value if you don't need the speed headroom (even better if you're already a mobile customer of theirs)
Average reliability, speed often seems to land a decent way below what they quote
2024-04-01 10:47:12
James 7.0
Don't go anywhere near 2 Degrees. They have really bad customer service. You never get to speak to a real person just a phone system that appears to be automated and don't go anywhere near their stores as they cant or wont help you.
too many to list
Showing 1-5 of 177 items.
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