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Latest broadband news

Should I upgrade to Gigabit Fibre during lockdown?
Apr 3, 2020
Should I upgrade to Gigabit Fibre during lockdown?
A week into lockdown one in five people remain worried about broadband coverage and quality with so many people at home. If your home broadband is struggling - the good news is you can still upgrade your fibre broadband to a gigabit plan.  
What the upgrade to COVID-19 Stage 4 means for NZ Broadband
Apr 1, 2020
What the upgrade to COVID-19 Stage 4 means for NZ Broadband
As New Zealanders sit through the Stage 4 lockdown in a bid to combat COVID-19, you may be wondering what this means for broadband services.Can you still upgrade plans or changes providers? In most cases - yes!
Your daily broadband update during lockdown
Mar 31, 2020
Your daily broadband update during lockdown
As New Zealand moves through Stage 4 Lockdown to combat Covid-19, broadband providers are moving swiftly as essential service providers to keep New Zealanders connected. We’ve bought together the latest updates and developments to help you understand what to expect from broadband in NZ.
Learning about broadband providers support during COVID-19
Mar 24, 2020
COVID-19 Broadband Providers support for customers in lockdown
As New Zealand moves to Stage 4 and we move to lockdown to combat COVID-19, NZ broadband providers are moving swiftly to keep us all connected....
Working from home during COVID-19
Mar 23, 2020
How to stay productive when working from home
Following the government’s announcement that we are moving into lockdown for at least the next 4 weeks, more of us than ever before will be working from home. How productive will you be? Here are our tips.
Working from home
Mar 20, 2020
A guide for working from home in 2020
As New Zealanders watch the impact of COVID-19 both abroad and at home, we are seeing dramatic changes to the way they we live and work for the foreseeable future.
Working from home
Mar 19, 2020
Coronavirus – Internet Providers drop data caps to help with working from home
As we see the impact of coronavirus on the way we work and live our lives, New Zealand businesses are responding to the wide-range of impacts. This could mean more Kiwis working from home and using more data....
Guidance for unbundled fibre
Mar 9, 2020
ComCom release draft guidance to ensure fair competition for unbundled fibre
The Commerce Commission has released draft guidance designed to promote competition and innovation related to unbundled fibre services. What does this mean for fibre broadband prices?
Choosing a broadband plan for university
Feb 11, 2020
How to choose the best broadband plan for university 2020
If you’re heading to uni this year – then the chances are you’ll need to sort out a broadband plan for your new flat. Here are or tips to making an informed choice about broadband plans for university students and uni flats. 
Kids using devices during school holidays
Feb 2, 2020
Kids impact broadband use during summer holidays
New data released by Chorus shows just how much having kids at home changes how we use our broadband during the summer school holidays. How did your home broadband hold up?
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