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Two-factor Authentication and Why it's Important

Nowadays, online security becomes more and more important. The number of online identity thefts, stolen passwords, hacked accounts is increasingly growing. However, not a lot of people know the basics of how to keep your accounts safe. Activating 2-factor protection for your online accounts is the first step protect your identity online.

What 2-factor authentication does is adding a second step to log in. Even if your password gets stolen, hackers won't be able to log in without the security code dynamically generated on your trusted device. It's very simple for you to use, but makes it impossible for others to log in to your accounts even if they have your password.

Internet NZ has come up with a clever infographic to educate Kiwis on the importance of using 2FA.

Getting a fast, reliable broadband connection, which Broadband Compare website works hard at bringing to you, is the first step. Keeping yourself secure online takes some extra effort but brings you the peace of mind and security.

How to set up 2FA?

All you need is an app on a smartphone. You will need to manually activate 2-factor protection for your online accounts in settings (e.g. Facebook, Google). Usually, you get a unique QR code from your account settings and need to scan it with the authenticator app (like Google Authenticator or Authy). Now you can generate secret codes that only exist on your device, and will be required on top of your regular password.

There are a few useful resources that will help you get started with 2FA: has a list of services that are eligible for 2FA.

New Zealand's CERTNZ, experts on computer security, offer advice on 2FA, and links to turn it on for many popular services.

Get started with 2-Factor Protection today, and stay safe online.

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