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Worldnet was founded more than two decades ago. Today, it is a leading telecommunications provider in New Zealand.

Worldnet is the result of over many years of research and development by industry experts with decades of experience in producing innovations in data and voice delivery.

Their goal is to be at the leading edge of technology and to provide, rejuvenating and propelling telecommunication services to every New Zealanders with lasting and meaningful experiences.


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Total: 5.4
Reliability 5.5
Speed 5.3
Support 4.4
Features 4.7
Value 5.5
Average from 14 reviews
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2022-11-08 13:36:49
Steve Allan 5.0
Worldnet? Don't go there. The support is terrible. Three weeks so far to get my home phone working. It keeps going down. The other times it was only two or three days and mysteriously started again without any contact back from them. They have phone numbers for the main centres where they're located as well as an 0800 number. None of them ring through as if the company has gone belly-up. You can only create a support ticket via internet and you'll hear nothing back from them unless you keep creating more support tickets, then the reply is very short and uninformative, and obviously lacking English.
Very unprofessional company. Don't know where I stand at this time. more
When it's working everything's fine. Internet drops out occasionally but still comes back. The price is good
Can't be contacted by phone despite a whole lot of numbers listed but come back with a 'disconnect' signal. Support is via the internet and very poor. Virtually nil communication. The company seems like it's having death throes.
2022-06-13 15:05:35
Francis Little 1.0
I've found the problem!
Worldnet's DNS servers are not resolving names to IP addresses. Pointed my router to the Google public DNS servers and we're back on line, no thanks to the m***ns at Worldnet who, after 4 days still hadn't fixed their servers.
Front runner for world's worst ISP.
2022-06-11 10:14:46
Francis Little 4.4
Well, nothing seems to have changed at Worldnet. Same poor customer service, 0800 number disconnected, calls answered by people who don't understand english and who are not interested in helping.
I'm at the local library having to use their Internet service because ours has been down since yesterday. Probably won't be up until sometime next week, if at all. They are also NOT members of TDR so there is no ombudsmen support in NZ.
AVOID like the plague.
Goodbye Worldnet!
OK(ish) for about 18 months
**** support, unreliable service, dodgy outfit.
2022-05-02 15:15:16
Faye 4.4
Customer service is very poor and support difficult to access.
Did not follow through on commitments to fix their errors. Emails unanswered.
Have changed providers but the exit has been far from smooth so far.
Broadband was OK.
Customer support poor. Communication difficult.
2021-03-29 09:57:48
Gavin Benson 3.6
A very weak service with unplanned outages.
Slow service with limited support staff and no after-hours support.
Extremely slow download speeds, even though connection is 100Mbps download speeds are around 10Mbps.
Speed, service and reliability
Showing 1-5 of 14 items.
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