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School Holiday Streaming: Shows and Movies to Watch

School Holiday Streaming: Shows and Movies to Watch with Broadband Compare
Monday, 1 July 2024

It’s the school holidays and the middle of winter. If you and the whanau are staying close to home these holidays, how about you enjoy some relaxing and set up a day of snuggling up on the couch, streaming a good TV show or movie?

We have some recommendations to get you started! We have a mix of family-friendly and adult options. 


Ultraman: Rising

This family-friendly movie is about a baseball star named Ken Sato who returns home to Japan. He is there to pick up the mantle of a supername named Ultraman, who is defending Earth. Ken quickly finds he’s in a bigger situation than expected, as he’s forced to raise the children of his biggest enemy. 

Hit Man

Glen Powell stars in this action-comedy film, which is about a cop who works undercover as the most in-demand hit man in Houston. The plot thickens when he breaks protocol to help a woman escape her abusive boyfriend. The film is based on a real-life article written by Skip Hollandsworth. 

Prime Video

My Lady Jane

In this adaptation of a popular young adult novel, the story follows a re-imagined narrative of history’s most tragic heroines. Instead, they are damsels in distress who can save themselves and their kingdoms. 

How to Train your Dragon 2

Quickly becoming a classic, this older movie finds a home on Prime in time for the school holidays. Five years after the first movie, Hiccup and Toothless begin to explore unmapped territories, discovering new worlds. The pair discover an ice cave home to hundreds of new wild dragons. But with the emergence of Drago, a treacherous conqueror, the peace between dragons and humans is on the brink of collapse.


The Acolyte: Season 1

This is a Stars Wars mystery thriller set during the High Republic Era. This series explores the emergence of powers from the dark side. For Star Wars and science fiction lovers, this is a must-watch. Travel to another world with this cosy, action-packed adventure. 

Doctor Who

Ncuti Gatwa reinvigorates the role of The Doctor, alongside his companion Ruby. The pair cross timelines and explore different civilisations, both familiar and unfamiliar, solving mysteries and defeating foe. Each episode brings its own unique plot, setting and twist, and the series is a must-watch for fans of Doctor Who, science fiction and fantasy.


Am I Ok?

Dakota Johnson plays a character who is trying to overcome her awkward personality in this comedy. Lucy and Jane have been best friends since childhood and believe they know everything about each other. But when Jane announces she is moving to London, Lucy reveals a secret she has kept for a very long time, thus pushing their friendship into chaos.

Cats in the Museum

This adorable family friendly film is about the feline inhabitants of the St. Petersburg Winter Palace. When a young cat named Vincent and Maurice the mouse are shipwrecked, they are led to the museum, where they meet a group of cats who protect the artwork from rodents. Vincent wants to become one of them, but Maurice is his friend, and he may betray him. 

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