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Slow broadband in wet weather? Winter is coming

Slow broadband in wet weather?  Winter is coming
Sunday, April 2, 2017

Winter is coming so you really should think about your upgrade to Fibre Broadband right now!  Three of the New Zealand fibre broadband network providers, Ultrafast Fibre, Northpower Fibre and Enable are expecting increased demand for fibre broadband connections this winter as people rush to upgrade their connection type to beat the cold and damp… and so they are urging households to get in early… and here at Broadband Compare we couldn’t agree with them more!

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A quick review of last year’s press (Stuff – Spark struggles / NZ Herald – Chorus troubles / NZ Herald – Phone outages) will show you that the wet and cold weather was the underlying cause of a range of increased faults and outages on the old copper broadband network last winter.  

By late last year, Chorus – the owner of the majority of New Zealand’s copper broadband network – was announcing that it was time for all customers to migrate to fibre if it is available: “Of course we encourage as many customers as possible to get onto fibre wherever it is available, as it is unquestionably the superior service.”  

Here at Broadband Compare we absolutely agree and the great news is, fibre is available to a huge amount of households in New Zealand right now… and in the majority of cases it is FREE to get your property connected to the fibre broadband network.

So, as winter draws upon us again, now is an excellent time to upgrade to fibre… don’t settle for an intermittent and potentially unreliable broadband connection when you can get the very best broadband available by joining the fibre broadband network.

It’s not just us that think there will be a rush on… the CEO’s of three of the local fibre companies have come together in a joint exercise to promote fibre broadband as a fabulous asset that you really should convert to if you can!  These three CEO’s today launched the ‘Winter Is Coming’ information page to highlight the need to upgrade your broadband connection.

We’ve copied the press release below for your information:



William Hamilton, CEO of Ultrafast Fibre, says a busy period is anticipated as the demand for broadband reliability, speed and capacity reaches a tipping point.

"Each winter we see a huge surge in data consumption as people spend more time indoors working, playing, communicating, shopping, learning and being entertained online. Increasingly, this involves the whole family independently using Wi-Fi connected devices all at the same time, so the best available broadband connection is becoming essential in order for this to happen," says Mr Hamilton.

Darren Mason, CEO of Northpower Fibre, says another reason to connect to fibre is the well documented cases of reliability and performance issues with older copper networks, which suffered from increased faults and outages last winter.

"There are not the same weather related issues with fibre, so with wet and cold weather approaching again, and people increasingly online and for longer, now is the perfect time to act and upgrade to the latest technology," says Mr Mason.

Enable CEO Steve Fuller stresses that people often underplay just how important broadband at home is to how they live their lives, are entertained or connect with friends and family until it slows down or stops working.

"If doing what you want online is important to you and fibre broadband is the best broadband available at your place, then why haven’t you got it? Particularly when you consider fibre broadband is super reliable, usually costs no more than copper per month and we don’t charge anything to connect you at home," says Mr Fuller.

The fibre broadband providers point to a key reason for the customer-driven fibre demand being the explosive popularity of TV and movie streaming services. People are now very much aware of the benefits of fast, reliable broadband.

The three local fibre companies quoted above will be running a pre-winter reminder campaign for households across areas where their networks are available.  The main areas serviced by these fibre providers are: Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Whanganui, New Plymouth, Tokoroa, Hawera, Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Whangarei.  Of course if you live in any of these areas you can compare broadband plans from all the providers right here on Broadband Compare to make sure you find the best fibre internet provider for you.

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